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I can feel myself about to snap soon. All I want is to be able to pay my bills and have enough money for my cats, food, and to be able to put a *little* money aside for an emergency. As soon as I start paying my bills, another bill somehow seems to work itself into my life - then another. This week, after all my bills are paid I have $80 for this whole week (not including the cat food and groceries or gas I need) The 2 other people I live with are responsible for paying for the internet and they apparently haven’t been paying so NOW I have to pay $75 to get the internet turned back on. THE INTERNET IS ALL I HAVE! I haven’t had cable or anything in years and for some reason my tablet won’t do anything unless it can connect to Wi-Fi. SOOOOOO now i’m fucked for the week. I will 100% put my pets before myself, that’s not even an option so I have to somehow come up with an extra $10 to make sure I can feed them. So far 2014 has FUCKING SUCKED for me. My health is shit, I have NO money for anything, and on top of it all I have NO future because of situations which keep arising causing me not to be able to save up ANY money. I just feel so stuck and no one can help me except ME and i’m failing badly. I just don’t even know where to go from here. My soul feels dead.

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